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Here at hbcucollegegrants.com, we aim to be the leading one-stop portal directory for all matters pertaining to your search for college scholarships, grants, and loans. We strive every day to make the search for student financial aid as stress-free as possible for both students and their parents. Depend on us to provide a full explanation of the difference between scholarships and grants, as well as a detailed breakdown of how to apply for a student loan — and why student loans should be your last option.

The hbcucollegegrants.com family thanks you for taking the time to visit our website. We especially want to welcome all of the busy mothers out there who, for the most part, are the ones diligently conducting these tedious searches for college financial assistance. No offense to the fathers out there — but facts are facts.

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HBCU's — Where Everyone is Welcome
Please let it be noted that unlike several well known institutions of higher learning — such as University of Maryland, University of Arkansas, Clemson, Georgetown, and Harvard University — never, never, never has any HBCU excluded anyone from enrolling due to ethnicity. HBCU's take pride in welcoming all races, colors, and creeds — and always will.

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Please also visit our "FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE" section on our HBCU portal page. We have a great selection of videos divided into "four categories,” (Financial Literacy - Inspiration Motivation - Stay Woke and The Healthy Lifestyle).


Our Bi-monthly Profile of a Great HBCU Alum Who Isn't With us Anymore

Maynard Jackson
Maynard Jackson Jr.
(1938 – 2003)
Presented to you
By K. Lerone Hardy – November 9, 2020 

In this edition of our bi-monthly feature, Not Forgotten, we bring to you the late Maynard Jackson Jr. who was a proud alum of Morehouse College.

In plain talk, this was one bad brotha right here who to this day doesn't receive the respect he rightfully deserves, as it pertains to his overall contribution to the upliftment of African Americans.  Yeah, we can talk about how he graduated from the distinguished Morehouse College at the age of 18, or we can talk about how Mr. Jackson became the first African American to serve as Mayor of a major southern city - (that city being Atlanta), Atlanta, GA that is.  

Instead, let’s talk about how that bustling financial oasis, named Atlanta, became the financial powerhouse that it is today, "the black mecca" as it is often referred to. Let's talk about that massive airport terminal, today known as Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International Airport. That airport is today, the largest and busiest airport in America.  Maynard Jackson Jr made that happen.

Let's talk about all of those well to do African Americans in Atlanta, (not the new arrivals of late), I'm talking about prior to 1990 , Maynard Jackson  Jr, paved the way for African  Americans in Atlanta to get a fair shake and once they did, that black wealth within the city took off, in just two terms in office - Maynard  Jackson increased the number of minorities  receiving  municipal contracts from less than 1 percent (prior to him becoming mayor) to more than 35 percent upon completion  of his two terms in office.

All of this happened via his mandated affirmative action programs that forced the racist good old boy system to even out the pie, making sure that huge citywide projects throughout the city went to minorities, i.e. women, people of color and those with disabilities.                                                     

One of Maynard Jackson's first bold moves, was holding up the construction of Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport - at the time one of the largest airport construction projects in the country - Mr. Jackson made it clear to the racist good old boy (white male club), that not a single piece of dirt would be moved until that airport project has minority set asides attached to the project.

Maynard Jackson eventually got his way and today the city of Atlanta is still reaping the rewards of that airport project that took place years ago, i.e...the successful minority companies that got their start on that airport project, some of those same companies are now being passed on to the second generation of these proud minority owned family businesses, the city is still benefiting handsomely from the tax revenue that the airport pumps into Atlanta.

Oh! Let's not forget about him playing a major role in having Atlanta being the host for the 1996 Olympic Games.  Maynard Jackson Jr - you are indeed not forgotten. 


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