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Necessity, necessity, necessity. Pure and simple.

It was necessity that brought about the launch of hbcucollegegrants.com. Necessity is what led our founder, K. Lerone Hardy, along with a small but dedicated team of HBCU believers, to move forward with the creation of a convenient and easy-to-navigate one stop portal directory for all matters pertaining to the search for financial aid in the pursuit of furthering one's education.

We understand that the hunt for college grants, scholarships, and loans is a stressful and tedious process — even more so when it is the parent(s) doing most of the searching. We're confident that when you review our site, you'll walk away with the information you were seeking. We sincerely thank you, for taking the time to visit our portal.

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Our Kind of People
Our Kind Of People
By Lawrence Otis Graham
Our bi-monthly book review-presented to you by the hbcucollegegrants.com team - November 9, 2020

If you are looking for a good read, this story will knock you off your feet.  No exaggeration, you will not be able to put this book down. Trust me! Brother Lawrence Otis Graham stirred up some serious conversations when he began his research for this book.  Best believe, before the book was even published, he was catching heat for exposing the secrets of the black elitist boule organizations.  Graham was exposing their obsession with the right schools, skin complexion (the brown paper bag test), the right hair texture, the right family connections, their “exclusive” summer get aways  on Martha’s Vineyard as well as belonging to the right elite social clubs (Jack & Jill, The Links, Deltas, Boule, AKA’s, etc.)

You will be utterly surprised to find out which prominent African Americans were deemed not good enough to become a member of this elite boule African American social society.  Sit back and enjoy a good read. 


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July 4 or June 19 – Choose One!
By K. Lerone Hardy – November 9, 2020

Question, do you think you would ever see a Jewish person celebrating a German holiday? The answer to that is hell no, to be even more blunt, “hell to the no.” That’s right, you will never, ever, ever see a Jewish person celebrating a holiday that their oppressors celebrates. I have often wondered when on July 4, year after year - I see so many of our people out here celebrating July 4, (Independence day)...independent for who damn it? I would say to myself, damn - do these Negros not know that their ancestors were going into 157 years of being indentured property?

Keep in mind, that when the thirteen American colonies declared themselves no longer subordinates of the British monarchy - let that sink in for a minute, these thirteen American colonies on July 4, 1776 - declared their independence from the British monarchy – even though they "themselves" were already well into 157 years of holding a group of human beings, (yes human beings) - in bondage, as indentured property. Do they not know, that this day of celebrating the year of 1776, that female slaves were being raped, either by the slave master or the slave overseer, that little slave children were being molested by pedophiles on these plantations - do they not know?

Yeah, I get it - we all look forward to those paid holidays, time and a half, having the day off, the cookouts etc. There are plenty of holidays in America too which we can enjoy all the festive activities that come with holidays, but for "God sake " do we African Americans have to let July 4 be one of those holidays that we partake in celebrating – (I'm just saying). Let me give you a day that we as African Americans should take pride in celebrating while acknowledging our ancestors who suffered for 246 years of being worked like mules - (free labor) on those plantations, let's celebrate the day that they realize, "that finally, finally,” thank you lord – finally we are free. Long live June 19 – our day (Juneteenth/Freedom Day)

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By The HBCUCOLLEGEGRANTS.COM Team - October 23, 2020

Going back to college is a costly endeavor. The costs include tuition fees, commuting to and from college, accommodations, and learning materials. The good news is that African-American women who want to continue their studies in higher education can benefit today from a wide array and supply of college grants.

College grants for black women are available from various sources. You can send your application for a college grant not only to the college you are planning to attend, but also to other organizations that provide financial assistance for African-American women who want to go back to school.

We at https://www.hbcucollegegrants.com/ compiled this blog outlining the pros and cons of student loans, scholarships, and college grants to educate and assist African-American females toward success with their college degree.

What is a student loan? The main criteria for a student loan is paying back the amount borrowed with interest. A student loan should be your absolute last choice when compared to other means of educational financial aid like grants and scholarships. Why? Student loans must be repaid, you start your financial life with debt, and defaulting will badly damage your credit. What are scholarships? A scholarship is financial support for students which is usually merit-based, but may also depend upon grade point average, specific academic programs, degree level, age, nationality, etc. Scholarships are very selective programs with high competition.

A college or school grant? Grants are often need-based and their requirements range from family income, dependency status, full-time or part-time status, students with disabilities, etc. School grants, although very competitive, are a great way for African-American females to fund their college aspirations, as they do not have to be repaid and you can get more than one.

African-American woman are urged to act now and get your college degree. The money aid is out there. Go get it, and remain calm as your college journey has been made much easier with the educational financial assistance options supplied by the caring crew at https://www.hbcucollegegrants.com/

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