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Book Review


Black Titan: AG Gaston and the Making of a Black American Millionaire
"Black Titan: A.G. Gaston And The Making of A Black American Millionaire"
By Carol Jenkins & Elizabeth Gardner Hines

Our bi-monthly book review-presented to you by the hbcucollegegrants.com team - September 23, 2021

In 1892, a pioneer was born. A man who seemingly had nothing would become not only an African American millionaire but would also play a substantial role in the movement to integrate Birmingham, Alabama, in the 1960s.

The novel 'Black Titan' takes us on a journey through time with AG Gaston as he made his mark on the world and left behind a legacy that would touch many. What makes this novel a must-read page-turner is that Gaston was merely the grandson of slaves and was born into a life of poverty.

But that's not where his story ends.

The Early Days

Although he was born with nothing, would this stop Gaston from accomplishing all that he could achieve? It all began when his mother enrolled him in the Tuggle Institute, realizing that her son was meant to be more than just another black man succumbing to poverty.

Gaston quickly found that Booker T. Washington was someone he looked up to because of his philosophies and theories regarding education and African Americans knowing various skills to help them through life.

Although he identified with much of Washington's teachings, this didn't stop him from leaving school early on and enlisting in the Army. Gaston had an eye for business, and it wasn't until he returned to Birmingham many years later that he began working behind the scenes with those fighting for African Americans' civil rights.

Becoming an Activist

Black Titan details how Gaston rose from poverty and created an empire that would be worth $130 million at the time of his death.

Page after page of raw facts paint a picture of the times that Gaston was living in. He used much of his resources and wealth to help support civil rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King.

He used his wealth to advance African Americans further when they were seen as and treated no better than a dog on the street.

Throughout his life, Gaston had his home bombed, was the victim of a kidnapping, was beaten numerous times, but still, his work never stopped. The novel depicts a man whose wealth would surpass generations. It accomplishes the narrative that no matter where you start in life, there is always a way to overcome the odds.

The novel written by Hines and Jenkins provides a resounding voice to the man that created something that wasn't supposed to be possible. And in the process of doing so, he helped create more stepping stones that would help his community prosper in the future.

Black Titan

Black Titan is going to leave you turning pages in amazement and wonder at the man who became one of the wealthiest men during that time. Dedication, hard work, and never giving up or settling for your circumstances is how A.G Gaston forged his name into history.

Because of his work and the work of many others, African Americans can go to school today and receive the same education as others around them. Contact HBCU College Grants and take the first step to further your education.

Who knows, you could be the next A.G Gaston.

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Our Bi-monthly Opinion Piece Article

Let's Talk About It!

By K. Lerone Hardy – September 23, 2021

domestic violence in the African-American community

I would like to mention that this latest bi-monthly opinion piece was supposed to be on a different subject matter - different from the disturbing subject matter that you are about to read. After viewing "The Black Functional Man" on The Black Functional Man YouTube Channel, taking in the subject of the conversation, where the owner and co-host of The Black Functional Man (Toney Simmons) spoke about domestic violence within the Black community, where domestic violence is one of our deepest secrets.

What really made this video so powerful, was that one of the panelists was the mother of the host, Mr. Toney Simmons. Mr. Simmons mother's insight into domestic violence was so powerful that I decided to bump the next scheduled topic of "Let's Talk About It" opinion piece, focusing instead on the ills of domestic violence in the African-American community.

Domestic violence in the Black community has been swept under the rug for far too long. It's one of several family generational traumas that normalizes pain as a sense of love.  Domestic violence impacts our families, especially our children. The reality is that 1 in 15 children observe intimate partner violence annually. From that population, over 90% of those witnesses observe domestic violence. When it comes to adults, 43% of Black women are likely to be victims of domestic violence.

When looking at domestic violence, the question could be what is it? Physical abuse is what we hear about the most, but there are other forms of abuse. Emotional abuse is when you impact someone's core, with put downs like "You're stupid", "You're ugly" or "Your friends don't even like you, except me.

Psychological abuse impacts one's own state of mind, like not trusting, or blaming a person for everything. Gaslighting is another form of psychological abuse, where the perpetrator uses manipulation, where they deny any wrongdoing.

Financial abuse is where a person's income is controlled. The perpetrator wants their entire paycheck, deny assistance for food, doing things to keep a person from working, or keeping their job.

In the Black community, we don't ask for help. The idea is that our problems need to stay private and not tell anyone about our pain. Many Black women feel the need to keep their problems to themselves, to keep their housing and jobs.

Another major issue is a lack of involvement in the Black community. Many people believe that what happens between two adults should stay between them and not get involved.

Many Black women do not want to deal with the criminal justice system. The Black community already has issues with the criminal justice system. A lot of victims don't press charges for love and concern for the abuser.

As for medical attention, only 34% of victims seek medical care. This ties to the health care system being like the legal system, where the Black community already has issues with receiving adequate care. 

So, what's the solution? Be an advocate for victims' resources like housing and jobs. Victims in the Black community face discrimination in those areas and need our help.

Featured Article


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