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It was necessity that brought about the launch of hbcucollegegrants.com. Necessity is what led our founder, K. Lerone Hardy, along with a small but dedicated team of HBCU believers, to move forward with the creation of a convenient and easy-to-navigate one stop portal directory for all matters pertaining to the search for financial aid in the pursuit of furthering one's education.

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Book Review


Why Should White Guys Have All The Fun
"Why Should White Guys Have All The Fun?"
How Reginald F. Lewis Created a Billion-Dollar Business Empire
By Reginald F. Lewis & Blair S. Walker

Our bi-monthly book review-presented to you by the hbcucollegegrants.com team - March 29, 2021

This book is a fascinating “bootstraps” journey that explores how Reginald started on a journey where he needed to work hard to succeed. He starts his story by talking about overhearing his family discussing economic hardships due to lack of opportunities for African Americans as it pertains to decent paying jobs. Their worries lead him to state the titular words that become the theme of this biography.

The struggles he had in childhood end up being a good metaphor for the rest of his life. The difficulties he faced as a young man repeat in different forms and stages throughout his life. Their trials lead to an adult who fights to fix the system in which he finds himself despite his own success.

This book not only describes Reginald F. Lewis’ wins, but also his failures. The descriptions of false starts and stumbles help humanize the man. They allow us to sympathize with someone who becomes the head of the first African-American-owned company to earn $1 billion in a single year.

A Mirror Into the Present

Many of the stories in this biography show a man who displays real courage in the face of adversity. Someone who speaks up and shows wisdom, wit, and integrity in their success. Both how Reginald strives for greater things and takes risks, as well as how he stands up to people, are inspiring.

With a lot of recent news, it has been very hard to believe in the capitalist structure this world has built. This book lays out the steps a man took to stand atop that structure with success.

I do wish this book looked a little more at the man’s family. The glimpses we get do a lot to explain the man he became but always left me wanting more. They were so pivotal in his early life and I wish I knew more about how the lessons he learned from his grandparents affected him.

Finding out more about this man, I became incredibly sad to hear that he died of brain cancer in his fifties. I would have loved to hear more about him after reading this book and believe he would have done great things. This biography is a fascinating look into his life and I would recommend it for anyone who wishes for an uplifting and inspiring read.

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Our Bi-monthly Opinion Piece Article

Let's Talk About It!

Examples of systematic racism in America
By K. Lerone Hardy – March 29 2021

The actual power structure, political and otherwise, is an amorphous structure determined to retain power at all costs. The system uses systemic racism to confuse people with complacency, blind acceptance, ignorance, and reprisal fear. The race-based bias has been woven into everyday life and entertained across various mass and social media platforms.

The major issues facing African Americans today are the same as those faced in the past. Some of the major issues include but are certainly not limited to


Black unemployment is consistently around twice as high as white unemployment. Black college graduates are still almost twice as likely to be unemployed than their white college counterparts. Moreover, job applicants with a "White" sounding name are 50% more likely to get a call back than with a "Black" sounding name.

Wage Disparity

We are facing a moral reckoning. Americans must decide whether this country genuinely wants to be a multiracial democracy or whether we are merely playing around the fringes of our entrenched dilemmas repeatedly and remain racist and unequal.

Housing Prejudice

Lifetimes of legal segregation followed by decades of bigoted housing policies still plague Black American's across almost every aspect of life. This is because where some lives determine everything from how safe they are, what kinds of foods are easily accessible to purchase, the quality of your health care, and the children's education quality.

Health and Wellness

Black people are statistically more likely to live in "food deserts" where fresh and nutritious food is hard to locate. Such behavior renders any nutritional education impractical since, logistically, it is nearly impossible to get to a location that sells healthy food. In addition, this has implications that far exceed food.

Interestingly enough, even though systemic racism fuels police brutality, illegal checks, and mass incarceration, it cannot condone open acts of terrorism. 


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