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You're in the right place for valuable college scholarship information. Whereas grants are based on financial need, scholarships are typically awarded on the basis of merit, i.e., excellence in academics, athletics, performing arts, etc. In most cases, there are conditions, including a high GPA, that must be met in order for a student to receive and keep their scholarship. It's critical to remember that each year there are billions of dollars (yes, billions) awarded as academic scholarships. And the rat race to receive this money is extremely competitive. Therefore, higher GPA and SAT scores increase the student's chances of receiving a scholarship. Look through our scholarships directory to learn about the wide range of available scholarships, such as an ROTC scholarship.


Visit our Scam Alerts Page for details about current and ongoing college scams and fraud. Remember: never pay any organization or individual upfront for admissions consulting services. There are legitimate consultants out there, but no honest consultant will ever ask you to pay upfront.

hbcucollegegrants.com is here to ensure that you find the right school and close the deal without getting scammed or paying unnecessary fees. Ninety percent of the search process should cost you next to nothing to close the deal. Yes, we said, "close the deal." This hunt for scholarships is a business, and the search should be conducted in such a manner.

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Full Ride Scholarship vs Full Tuition Scholarship

  • Full ride scholarship: We’ve all heard people complain over the years, “why does the grant and scholarship process have to be so damn confusing?” In order to gain clarity in this beyond confusing process - you would first need to know the difference between a full-ride scholarship and a full-tuition scholarship. To be concise, a full-ride scholarship will cover the entire cost of the student’s higher education needs. Needs such as the cost of tuition, room, and board, school materials, textbooks, and in certain situations, in particular the ROTC program - in most instances, the student will also receive a monthly stipend that increases significantly between freshman year until the student’s senior year. In regards to said scholarships, the federal government, colleges, private institutions, and foundations are typically the main sources for the gifting of the said scholarships.
  • Full tuition scholarship: This particular scholarship will only cover the tuition. Let me repeat - the only thing this scholarship is obligated to cover is the cost of tuition. Nothing else! However, you may be able to squeeze a few necessities in, such as books, room, and board - but it won’t come close when comparing to a full-ride scholarship as it pertains to the multitude of necessities that are covered via a full-ride scholarship.

At the end of the day, if a full-tuition scholarship is the best that your soon-to-be college freshman can get, it’s better than nothing. The full-tuition scholarship will lessen the financial burden on you, the parent/parents, in the event that you may find yourself having to take out a loan to cover the remaining cost. Trust me; if your child keeps up a decent GPA and SAT score, you should definitely be able to find additional money to supplement other costs. There is so much grant money out there for the taking, and lucky for you, you came to the right website! Our portal directory will provide you with plentiful sources for obtaining grant money. Also, in the event you still may find yourself having to take out a loan, our portal directory will provide you with a superb list of accredited student loan financing companies that have very reasonable interest rates. We also provide you with a list of accredited tuition insurers.

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