Obtaining a Student Loan

For many potential college freshmen, a student loan is an integral part of their educational dream. Depend on hbcucollegegrants.com to point you in the right direction when it comes to obtaining a student loan and financing your education. For additional student loan options, see our list of the top accredited student loan financiers.

U.S. Department of Education Loans

The U.S. Department of Education operates a Federal Student Aid program that is one of the main sources of loans for students attending college and career school programs. Visit their website for more information. Their site is easy to navigate and offers clear instructions about the information you need to provide. Additionally, all required forms are readily accessible.

To contact the department by phone, call: (800) 433-3243 or (800) 557-7394.

Sallie Mae Loans

Sallie Mae is another key source for seeking and obtaining a student loan. However, it's important to keep in mind that their interest rates, terms, and requirements may be less favorable to the parent and soon-to-be freshman when compared to a federal loan. Sallie Mae is not affiliated with any federal aid program. Instead, they are a publicly listed company whose primary business model is to offer student loans and banking products. As with federally funded college loans, Sallie Mae loans are primarily designed for undergraduate students. Visit their website for more information.

To contact Sallie Mae by phone, call: (855) 756-5626.

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