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Student Loan Information

The almighty student loan — let's talk about it. In plain talk, student loans should be your absolute last choice when compared to other means of financial aid, such as grants and scholarships. Before you embark on the search for student loans, we highly recommend that you exhaust every other financial aid option.

Reduce Your Future Debt Load

It has been well documented that student loans and the related interest stay with many college graduates into their late-twenties and thirties. At, we believe that students shouldn't have to enter the next phase of adulthood with such a large financial burden. Not to mention that the parent(s) also end up bearing some of the debt load.

Countless Opportunities

Reading between the lines, you can tell that we are not overly fond of the student loan route here at The bottom line is this - with so many other options out there (including grants, scholarships and the often-overlooked ROTC scholarships), you should be able to fund your higher education without the use of student loans - provided that you put in the work to find these other options. At the very least, you should be able to receive enough money through scholarships and grants to minimize the amount of your student loans and interest. We believe that no one should have to use loans as their sole source of financial assistance.

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Know Where to Look

There are hundreds of organizations, federal agencies, states, and institutions that are begging for people to come and get their money. You just need to know which entities are giving out these funds. Luckily, we have done all the hard work for you. We can say with the utmost confidence that you'll walk away from our website with new options for financial assistance that you may not have considered prior. Take a look at our Grants Portal Directory as well as Scholarships Portal Directory for more details about these incredible options to ease your financial burden. We wish all soon-to-be college freshmen the best of luck!


When it comes to your student loan, you're not alone. Enhance your financial literacy by learning more about the various companies that can support you throughout your educational financing journey: